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13 January 2009 @ 11:52 pm
Bride Wars  
We (Erin, Lindsay, and I) went to the movies to see Bride Wars. It was like a girls night out thing.
To me, lately, things have been okay with Lindsay and I. Pleasant and she is actually starting to hang out wit me again. So, things have been getting better, I think..

While watching the movie tonight, of coarse you know that the two women fight over the same wedding date. But I didn't know that they were best friends. All that I could see was Lindsay and I. Being nice and happy but then we fight like crazy. At one point one character cries to her fiance about not having her friend and how she felt alone, and I cried. Then the shenanigans continued. But then the weddings were happening and then they wanted to be friends again and that they really needed each other. I grabbed Lindsay's hand and i squeezed and cried more, but she cried too. I feel that we had a moment and that we knew that we should just put all this behind us.

But, you know me, I need to be sure. But I'm too big of a pussy to bring it up and then talk about it then I will cry more and I feel that I'm gonna let out my feelings to her and I'm just gonna be thought of as weak. But, I really do need her...and I know that....but I can't tell her...

And on top of that, I was just told today that Nichelle and I might not move in together because her Mom might get fired if the University finds out if Nichelle didn't live with her like they told her. So......now I don't know what to do....I need a person to live with.. and I need a friend....now I feel like the girl in that movie.....no friend, my world is falling apart around me and alone.....

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