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08 April 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Adam is excited to just be living with me.
I'm guessing that I forgot to tell you guys, but, he didn't get into Grad School.
I know, sad faces and tears.
But don't think that this is going to discourage him at all.
He's is still going to apply and keep trying to get in to schools.
But for right now, we are going to live in a studio apartment and then find a place that is bigger after we save money.

Another piece of good news....
Christabell might be coming back to Marquette and live with Adam and me.
Or just me.
Who knows, all I know is that my best friend is going to be back with me!

I have a really nice friends that I have accumulated in the past few months.
Her name is Erin and she makes me feel SO GOOD about myself.
She understands me completely and knows how to make me feel better.
She also told me that I am the first person that she has EVER felt comfortable with and she is not afraid to be herself around me.
She makes me cry a lot, but it's happy tears.
She makes me realize who my true friends are and I have know idea how i got this far without her,

It's coming down to the days of Lindsay and I never speaking to each other again.
I have a feeling that it has come to that,
Not so much on my part, but hers.
She just doesn't talk to me for days and then wonders why I don't talk to her.
I just don't get how I can be so nice to her but yet she is so mean towards me.
I just guess that "fairness" isn't allowed to be in my life.

Well,  I just figured that I would let you guys know what has been going on.
It's not the greatest news, but it's still news.
I will keep you posted as the days get closer to Graduation and Moving out.
I just hope that things will get better for us and karma deals with the ones that have NO IDEA that it's coming and coming fast.

Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?
All of them. I shall explain:
Sloth -- I'm lazy
Greed -- I like what I have and want it for all myself.
Lust -- I love....but I do lust as well.
Gluttony -- I'm huge...and love food..... 'nuff said
Anger -- I have a temper and I don't know how to deal with it properly....
Envy -- I envy how happy everyone around me is and that I don't have that when I'm a good person who deserves to be happy.
Pride -- I think that is the only sin that I don't have and will never commit.

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The strangest messages that I have ever gotten from a Fortune Cookie was:

"Within the coming 5 months, you will find 3 missing socks."
"Eat your vegetable and you'll grow up big and strong like Popeye."
"Bend the rod while it is still hot."
The other ones that I have read that were odd were the ones that finished in the middle of the sentence.
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I would have to say the one day that I would live over and over again would be the day that Adam and I had our first kiss.  
It sounds so corny that I bet you want to puke, but that was a very defining moment of our relationship and even to this day, when he kisses me, I still get butterflies.
and THAT is what love truly is.
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29 January 2009 @ 12:10 pm
There is this boy (Ryan) that works in the same building that we work in and he asked me about both of the girls that I work with....

**OK first off......i just want to know why is it that I get asked about friends and their status, but im not asked about my status. I didn't realize that I was a gargoyle!!!!!!**

The girls were Erin and Lindsay. He asked about Erin the night when we were working and I told him that I would keep him posted because that night Erin came in and then she told us that her and her boy had a fight and they had been on and off for a long time and blah blah blah.... SO, Ryan hung out with us and was hanging near Erin. When i found out that this was her situation, He asked about Lindsay. and he talked through me about Lindsay and she talked through me about Ryan. I really wanted to tell him about her crazy obsession that she gets about guys that show her attention. But I refrained from mentioning that. And Ryan is a great guy. So I feel that I'm lying to him by not telling him about how big a of a bitch she can be and how two-faced she can be.

Does that make me a bad friend for leaving that information out?

Does that make me a bad friend for letting him figure this out himself?

And don't get me wrong, kudos to Lindsay for having a boy think that she is attractive and likes her. I'm not jealous, so don't think that. Maybe she can finally get laid and not be such a frigid bitch sometimes. And Kudos to Ryan for find a girl as well.

**Side note: Lindsay never looked at Ryan or had any interest in him until I told her that Ryan said that he thought that she as "pretty cute".**

NOW, Ryan is going out with Lindsay to the bar tonight and guess who else is going.....JAMIE!

**Another fun fact: I may be mistaken. but, didn't Jamie and I grow up together? Why is it that she calls Lindsay, who is my roommate and had a argument like we had, and doesn't talk to me what so ever? Is that fair? **

YOU GUYS!?!?!?! What am I going to do when Adam leaves me? I feel like I'm alone here.

Nibble on tat for a little bit.....get back to me....
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27 January 2009 @ 01:31 pm
Check it out on Facebook or MySpace.
it is WAY short....
I have been getting A LOT of compliments of it as well....
tell me what you think, guys.
Either on here or other pages...
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20 January 2009 @ 01:08 pm
On a happier note......Today is Adam and My 4 year Anniversary.
We don't get to see each other until tonight, but we are going to go out to dinner.

But, I'm in class right now, and there are a large amount of boys that haven't come to class at all until today and they all came in late, and they all know each other and all they do with each other is talk and have their own conversations and it is very distracting. and the boy who is sitting next to me smells like very sweaty nasty ball sack. whenever he moves, the smell escapes and I want to vomit.
The guy that smells....he looks like Thatcher, and that makes me laugh....but not because he smells, more of the fact that he looks like Thatcher. :D

but.....it's my anniversary! and I'm excited.

later doodz!
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16 January 2009 @ 08:37 am
Today is day #2 of NMU being closed for inclement weather. Meaning, " ITS TOO FUCKING COLD OUT!"
It was nice yesterday because i got to sleep in and then go hang with friends....today, I have to work....shitty...but you know, i really dont care.
YAY! for no school! i guess.....
(aka later)
13 January 2009 @ 11:52 pm
We (Erin, Lindsay, and I) went to the movies to see Bride Wars. It was like a girls night out thing.
To me, lately, things have been okay with Lindsay and I. Pleasant and she is actually starting to hang out wit me again. So, things have been getting better, I think..

While watching the movie tonight, of coarse you know that the two women fight over the same wedding date. But I didn't know that they were best friends. All that I could see was Lindsay and I. Being nice and happy but then we fight like crazy. At one point one character cries to her fiance about not having her friend and how she felt alone, and I cried. Then the shenanigans continued. But then the weddings were happening and then they wanted to be friends again and that they really needed each other. I grabbed Lindsay's hand and i squeezed and cried more, but she cried too. I feel that we had a moment and that we knew that we should just put all this behind us.

But, you know me, I need to be sure. But I'm too big of a pussy to bring it up and then talk about it then I will cry more and I feel that I'm gonna let out my feelings to her and I'm just gonna be thought of as weak. But, I really do need her...and I know that....but I can't tell her...

And on top of that, I was just told today that Nichelle and I might not move in together because her Mom might get fired if the University finds out if Nichelle didn't live with her like they told her. So......now I don't know what to do....I need a person to live with.. and I need a friend....now I feel like the girl in that movie.....no friend, my world is falling apart around me and alone.....

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12 January 2009 @ 07:53 am
so.......I usually make it so I dont have to get up early in the morning to go to work,,,,it's almost 8 am and I'm in Accounting class....and the teacher is a very upbeat person who has had like 8 pots of coffee...

I want to punch her in the face and she hasn't even started teaching....she is just talking......
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